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I wanted to work on telly when I was five. No really - I had it all mapped out. I would be sat next to Jamie Theakston with Zoe Ball’s spikey-bob hair and it would be my job to announce the beginning of a Rugrats marathon. Of course I would cautiously remind the viewer not to sing along to the theme tune, for fear of waking up hungover parents who will subsequently be very cross, and ban the TV for the next 5 hours. This was my reality. I then decided to spend my drab afternoons in 1997's Reading pretending to be Geri Halliwell deciding whether or not to add crisps to a cheese string sandwich - anxiously waiting for Blind Date and Gladiators to come on…


I grew up and did a degree in Drama & English at Brunel University. Then I ran off to New York and did an MA at Tisch, NYU in Arts and Public Policy. If I’ve learnt anything along the way it’s that I’m still fascinated with Geri Halliwell (I own a 2ft cutout of her in my bedroom), nothing will ever beat THAT moment when Will Young won Pop Idol, and that salt and vinegar crisps are a great addition to the cheese-string sandwich after all.





Natalie is represented by Kate Haldane at PBJ Management

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